Kelly Harris wins the Culver Cares Award for Community Excellence

News — Kelly Harris wins the Culver Cares Award for Community Excellence


Culver Square Shopping Centre is pleased to announce Kelly Harris as the distinguished recipient of the Culver Cares Award for Community Excellence for the month of August.

Kelly Harris, a devoted bereavement midwife, has been recognised for her extraordinary compassion and unwavering support during the most trying moments in the lives of grieving parents. One heartfelt nomination shared a poignant experience, recounting the solace and light Kelly provided during a 23-week pregnancy scan that revealed devastating news.

In the nominee’s own words, “Kelly is wonderful and even when she finishes late from a long and heartbreaking shift, she still finds the time, energy, and compassion to go out of her way and come to our home, bringing a memory box for my children to begin crafting small memories of their lost sibling.” Kelly’s ability to offer solace without any sense of rush, providing time, and being an attentive listener sets her apart as an individual of remarkable warmth and compassion.

The Culver Cares campaign, a longstanding initiative launched by Culver Square Shopping Centre, seeks to spotlight those who have made significant and meaningful contributions to the community. We invite the community to participate by nominating individuals deserving of this accolade. Nominations can be submitted at

Culver Square Shopping Centre extends heartfelt congratulations to Kelly Harris for her outstanding contributions to the Colchester community. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of the Culver Cares campaign, celebrating more exceptional individuals who play a pivotal role in shaping our vibrant city.

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