Community Spot

Are you a talented individual or group that is looking for the chance to get noticed?

Are you a local community group or charity looking to raise awareness?

Then look no further!

We love to be able to support our community so we are opening up the space we have #intheSquare to you as a Community Spot.

The Community Spot is a platform for you to be seen and heard. We really enjoy seeing all the fantastic things that take place in Colchester and the talented people that live in our city, so we are offering the space FREE of charge to support our community. 

 If you are interested in using the community spot, please email T&Cs apply.

  1. The Community Spot promotion is run by Culver Square shopping Centre.
  2. The promotion is open to all community groups, charities and individuals in Colchester and surrounding area.
  3. To make an application, please complete the entry form on the Culver Square website with details of how you would like to use the Community Spot and the desired dates.
  4. The applications will then be reviewed by the Culver Square Management team and a decision will be made as to whether the proposed use of the Community Spot is appropriate.
  5. If the application is approved a booking form will be sent across to complete and the following documentation will need to be provided:
    a. Public liability insurance cover note minimum cover £5 million
    b. Risk Assessment
    c. Method Statement
  6. Certificates relevant to the event must be attached to your application. These include but are not limited to:
    a. Electrical equipment – must be Portable Appliance tested
    b. Gas equipment (safety certificate)
    c. Food hygiene
  7. The space available in the Community Spot will be available on a first come first served basis and booked on the Community Spot calendar.
  8. The set up of the activity in the Community Spot must adhere to the Centre’s regulations and standards.
  9. Culver Square does not take responsibility for the applicant’s property while using the Community Spot.
  10. Applications are only valid if the entry is completed correctly in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  11. The use of the shopping Centre’s power supply is permitted only with the consent of the Centre Manager. applicants/sellers are not permitted to bring generators, helium/CO2 canisters, candles or any other form of naked flame on site.
  12. Smoking is prohibited (includes electronic smoking).
  13. Eating and drinking is at the discretion of the applicant using the Community Spot but shall not detract from the standards of the event at any time.
  14. The applicant undertakes to indemnify the Shopping Centre against all costs, claims, demands, actions and proceedings which may be brought, commenced or made against them.
  15. Centre Management reserves the right to cancel the event booked up to and including the day prior to the commencement date.
  16. The applicant shall not be aggressive or hard sell towards the public or approach the public outside of the stall area.
  17. Sign-ups for direct debits is not permitted
  18. Handing out of leaflets and printed material is not permitted but may be available for interested persons to take.
  19. Culver Square must be completely confident of the honesty and integrity of applicants.
  20. Any problems or enquiries from the public received by the Centre after the event will be passed back to the organiser and should be dealt with as a matter of urgency.
  21. Centre Management has total discretion to refuse permission for the exhibition of any advertisement or display and may require such material to be removed at any time if it considers it to be offensive or illegal.
  22. The applicant may not use posters, banners, balloons or similar to display the stall or any part of the Shopping Centre without the prior consent of the Centre Manager.
  23. The stalls will be in situ on arrival and the Centre Manager reserves the right to re position at any time.
  24. At no time is the stall to be vacated or left unattended during the event.
  25. No items/displays to be left on site for collection after the event without prior consent.
  26. All goods/equipment/promotional material to be stored/contained within the stall area.
  27. At no time are items to spread onto the Square and Malls.
  28. The applicant shall at all times keep the area around the stall free from all refuse of any type and from any other obstructions. All items will be retained within the stall space.
  29. The applicant is responsible for their own waste removal.
  30. If any customer address details or email data is taken from shoppers any correspondence with these shoppers must be within GDPR guidelines.
  31. Anyone using the Community Spot agrees to having their name announced on Culver Square website, social media and potentially in the local press.
  32. By entering the promotion you accept these terms and conditions and agree to participate in any publicity associated with this promotion. If the entrants fail to agree to these terms and conditions they will be automatically excluded from the promotion.