Colchester School Gardens – Vote for your favourite

News — Colchester School Gardens – Vote for your favourite


Welcome to the Colchester School Garden Competition! 

The Colchester School Garden Competition is back for its third year, and this year it’s at Culver Square! Supported by Anglian Water and RHS Communities, ten primary schools have created incredible gardens that focus on two important themes: water conservation and mental wellbeing.

Come and see these displays for yourself starting on 17th July! Explore the gardens, vote for your favourite, and help your chosen school win a School Gardening Success Plan and other exciting prizes. Voting is open from July 17th to September 10th.

Teaching children about water conservation in the garden instills a sense of responsibility for the planet and encourages eco-friendly habits from a young age. Gardening itself offers numerous mental well-being benefits for children. Spending time outdoors, digging in the soil, and caring for plants can reduce stress, improve mood, and increase feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Gardening provides a sensory-rich experience that stimulates the senses and promotes mindfulness, allowing children to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Guided by CBBC Blue Peter Gardener Lee Connelly, The Skinny Jean Gardener, we also invite you to join us for a celebration mini-festival at Culver Square on Wednesday, August 21st, 10 am – 3 pm. These gardens serve as a platform for schools, teachers, and students to start on or continue their gardening journey, and we hope they inspire you to embrace gardening at home this summer holiday.

See which schools are taking part below…

North Primary School and Nursery 

“We aim to create a learning community, which nurtures the academic, creative, moral and spiritual potential of all our children.”

St James’ Church of England Primary School 

“Learning at St James’ is exciting and fun, children get messy and enjoy talking about their learning.”

Queen Boudica Primary School 

“Our thriving school prides itself on the delivery of a creative and inspiring curriculum that is designed to stimulate the learning of all pupils.”

Langenhoe Community Primary School 

“Our curriculum is based around the concepts Create, Connect and Explore and if you visit our school you will see children engaged and actively involved in learning around these ideas.”

Millfields Primary School 

“We are inspired, connected, and prepared to be our best.”

Gosbecks Primary School 

“We are committed to helping children to achieve their potential and ‘To be the Best You Can Be.’”

Prettygate Junior School 

“We are proud of our children; their attitude to school is excellent.”

Friar’s Grove Primary School 

“We are proud of our reputation as a friendly, welcoming school and do our best to be approachable, open and understanding.”

Hazelmere Junior School 

“Here at Hazelmere, we aim to create a happy, safe and caring environment where children can learn with enjoyment.”

St Lawrence Church Of England Primary School

“Welcome to St Lawrence Primary School; a successful, vibrant, and happy school in the heart of Rowhedge Village.”

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