Purple Tuesday

News — Purple Tuesday


Purple Tuesday is not just a day on the calendar; it is a commitment to improve the customer experience for all shoppers. We’re excited to share how Culver Square is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and accessibility, not just on Purple Tuesday but every day.

Accessible Facilities

We understand the importance of providing accessible facilities for our customers. That’s why we have an accessible toilet available. This facility is designed to ensure comfort and convenience for those who need it.

Ground-Level Accessibility

One of our primary goals is to ensure that Culver Square is a place where everyone feels welcome. To achieve this our shopping centre is accessible from ground level, eliminating any barriers that might prevent people from enjoying their visit. Whether you’re arriving on foot, in a wheelchair, or with a stroller, our centre welcomes you.

Specialist Training

In our mission to be truly inclusive, our staff receives specialised training, including Dementia and Autism Awareness. We understand that different individuals have unique needs, and by equipping our team with the right knowledge, we aim to provide the best possible support. Whether it’s offering a quiet space for those with sensory sensitivities or understanding the challenges faced by those with dementia, our staff is here to help.

We take our role in creating an inclusive space seriously, not just on Purple Tuesday, but every single day of the year. Our commitment is to make sure that every visitor, regardless of their abilities or challenges, feels valued and welcome in our centre.

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