Fashion — Monsoon Sustainability Pledge


Monsoon are working together with their communities to truly understand their business impacts on future generations – with that in mind these are the pledges they are committed to as a business:

At Monsoon, they are committed to change. They are committed to making beautiful garments that bring prosperity to the communities that we work with, and they are always conscious about their impact on the environment. They care about their customers, products, and the people that make them.

They try to integrate sustainability into their business as usual, rather than as a stand-alone part of the business. They’ve mapped out their largest areas of impact, creating goals where they can really make a significant positive change. They are on a journey and while they don’t have all the answers, they continuously strive to bring sustainability into all they do.

They are serious about being as sustainable as they can be, and they pledge that 90% of their range by 2025 will have a sustainable element and 10% of their entire range will be handcrafted.

All their leather, wool and feathers are made either as a by-product from meat industry or are LWG certified.

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