Events — Doorstep Duets

29/08/2022 until 29/08/2022

Event: Doorstep Duets

Date: Monday 29th August

Time: 12.30pm and 2.30pm

We are very excited to be welcoming The Mercury Theatre to the Square for Doorstep Duets – New Adventures.

About the performances:

Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, we believe that dance can bring people together, and whilst it isn’t always possible to share this pleasure in the studio, or theatre, we hope we can bring you a taste of it today–direct to you. This year, we bring two new dance pieces to your community. Both, in true New Adventures style, are lively, characterful, and full of happiness. We invite you to take a moment to escape from the everyday and immerse yourself in the stories created by New Adventures Dance Artists Sophia Hurdley and Daisy May Kemp and told through dance and music. Ding Dong by Sophia Hurdley and High Tide by Daisy May Kemp will be performed by New Adventures company dancers.

High Tide by Daisy May Kemp High Tide invites you to come to the water’s edge to follow five people’s journeys as they navigate life’s choppy waters. If someone is all at sea we help them back on board, adjust the sails and continue together. No person is an island. Ding Dongby Sophia Hurdley. A story of an unlikely friendship between two detached individuals during unprecedented times in this touching duet by New Adventures and choreographer Sophia Hurdley.

See what people think of the tour here.

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