News — Culver Cares Winners


February Winner: Nikki Ranson

The first Culver Cares award was presented to Nikki Ranson the supervisor of the Colchester Foodbank, who was nominated by her daughter for her hard work and dedication in supporting people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The award included a certificate as well as thoughtfully chosen gifts chosen after speaking with her daughter about what she is interested in. Nikki received candles, bath bombs and some chocolate.

The award has received positive feedback from the community, and we believe it has helped to build goodwill towards Culver Square.

Moving forward, we plan to continue to promote the Culver Cares initiative to the community through various marketing channels such as social media, and on the website. We hope to encourage more people to get involved and make a positive impact in the community.


March Winner: Kay Schroder

Kay Schroder is our second incredible winner of the Culver Cares Award, showcasing local innovation and environmental responsibility.

She took the lead by creating the popular Colchester litter pickers Facebook group and organising many clean-up events in the community. With her endless dedication, Kay inspired numerous residents to join in, making a positive impact on the local area and raising awareness about the dangers of litter.

She also provided valuable opportunities for young people to get involved in community service, showing her strong commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. Kay’s well-deserved recognition is a testament to her outstanding contributions and serves as an inspiration for everyone to play a part in improving our environment.


April Winner: Louise Ord

Louise, a compassionate advocate for animal welfare, has been awarded theCulver Cares Award for her outstanding contributions. As the founding member of Colchester Caring for Our Cats, Louise’s tireless dedication over nearly four years has resulted in the rescue and rehoming of countless felines, providing them with loving homes.

Louise’s team of volunteers, inspired by her leadership, actively engages in humane trapping and rescues lost and abandoned cats. They work tirelessly to reunite these feline friends with their families and have even retrieved cats from dangerous areas like the A12 with the support of Essex Police.

Beyond her work with cats, Louise’s compassion extends to reuniting missing dogs and rescuing wildlife, such as deer and foxes, affected by road accidents. Her selfless actions exemplify her deep care and concern for animals in need.

Louise’s unwavering dedication has inspired the community, generating widespread support and raising awareness about the importance of animal welfare.

May Winner : Jon Neill 

Jon is a successful businessman who embodies the true spirit of charity. Alongside running multiple businesses, he actively engages with the Colchester Rotary Club and the Tom Bowlidge Foundation, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive difference. Jon’s dedication to these causes is evident through his organization of major events, including two music festivals, where all proceeds were donated to charity. Moreover, he has tirelessly supported individuals at risk of homelessness, offering both practical assistance and compassionate care. Jon’s unwavering determination to continue his charitable work serves as an inspiration to all, showcasing the profound impact that can be achieved when success is coupled with a genuine desire to help others.







June Winner: Lynn Little

Culver Square Shopping Centre in the heart of Colchester is delighted to announce Lynn Little as the deserving recipient of the Culver Cares Award for Community Excellence for the month of June.

Lynn, a dedicated member of the NHS Patient Transport Service, has been tirelessly serving the community, providing crucial support during challenging times. Despite her demanding professional commitments, Lynn manages to maintain her role as a devoted mother.

July Winner: Amanda Findley

Amanda Findley has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the betterment of her community, dedicating her entire professional career to Community360, where she has provided invaluable wrap-around support to the residents of Colchester. At the heart of her efforts is the One Colchester Community Hub, strategically located in the City Centre, where Amanda orchestrates various groups and events that serve as a lifeline for the community, fostering connections and alleviating the burden of isolation. The impact of these groups on community wellbeing is immense, and it’s largely due to Amanda’s tireless dedication.

Amanda’s compassionate nature has allowed her to build remarkable relationships with numerous community groups, creating a network of support that uplifts the entire city. Her remarkable contributions have not gone unnoticed. “Amanda has had such an amazing positive impact on people’s lives over a sustained period of time, and she fully deserves recognition for the amazing person she is,” said the individual who nominated her.

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