There Is A Rainbow Of Hope After Every Storm

News — There Is A Rainbow Of Hope After Every Storm


There Is A Rainbow Of Hope After Every Storm

We have now installed a beautiful ceiling of colour for you to enjoy!

There are two purposes of our ceiling of colour, the first is as a way of saying thank you to the wonderful NHS staff and key workers in Colchester, who have continued to go to work throughout the coronavirus pandemic so that the community can stay safe at home.

The second reason for the colourful display is as a symbol of hope for the brighter future ahead.

During lockdown the rainbow has become a symbol of gratitude for the NHS,  the colourful show of appreciation has been a way of uniting the community as they battle through the unknown territory that came with COVID-19.

As our stores are reopening and people beginning to emerge from isolation, what better way to welcome the community back to the centre than with a stunning uplifting rainbow with a dual meaning.

The umbrella installation in partnership with CBC last year proved extremely popular and was a great way to make our shoppers smile. We wanted to create that same impact again this year and a rainbow seemed like the obvious choice.  After all, the saying is ‘There Is A Rainbow Of Hope After Every Storm’ which is exactly what we want to give our community – hope.

The ceiling of colour can be found on Shewell Walk and will be on display throughout the summer.

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