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Hello, my name is Betsy Bear, I am at university studying for a degree in business management and I am excited to announce that I have joined Culver Square Shopping Centre on an internship as part of my degree. I am very keen to have a professional career in property management and hope to learn some great things from the Culver Square team.

I have recently returned to the UK after taking a gap year which was an amazing adventure visiting far away Borneo to see the Sun Bears and Orangutans which are my favourite animals.

I love the outdoor life and have lots of hobbies which include kite surfing, snowboarding, cycling and backpacking.

I am a very sociable Bear and like nothing more than spending time with my fellow Bear friends eating marmalade and honey sandwiches at Bear friendly cafes.

Alongside all my other Build a Bear friends I am supporting The NSPCC Bear Diaries #NSPCCBearDiaries #WFHedition

I look forward to sharing my daily adventures with you.

Please follow me for updates on my facebook page. 

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