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Invictus Barber

Store Contact Number: 01206 621776

Invictus are currently open for appointments only.  Appointments can be made by calling 01206 621776 or via the Booksy app.

Social distancing measures will be in place.

INVICTUS– Latin, masculine adjective, meaning UNCONQUERED, UNSUBDUED, INVINCIBLE.

That describes the Man who takes any challenge, the Man who doesn’t back down, the family Man, the Father, the son, the grandfather, the uncle, the brother.

Colchester, being a Roman town, nothing could have matched better than a Latin name for the shop. The location is in the heart of the town, on the popular Sir Isaac’s walk. Its layout is unique, keeping the vintage touch, mixing warm colours to make you feel welcome, giving you that nice, relaxing, weekend feeling, no matter what day or time you decide to pop in.

Our professional staff takes any challenge in the terms of men’s barbering offering premium services for fair prices.

Invictus Barber Opening Hours

Monday Open by appointment only
Tuesday Open by appointment only
Wednesday Open by appointment only
Thursday Open by appointment only
Friday Open by appointment only
Saturday Open by appointment only
Sunday Open by appointment only

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