News — Make a child smile this Christmas!



 With over 850 children predicted to use the Colchester Food Bank this December the Colchester Giving Tree is appealing for donations of Christmas presents for disadvantaged kids.

We have joined forces with Colchester Business Improvement District and the Colchester food bank to set up a Giving Tree Appeal to collect Christmas presents for children in Colchester that could otherwise go without a gift on Christmas Day.

The Giving Tree Appeal is urging shoppers to spare a thought for local children this festive season when they are doing their Christmas shopping for friends and family, and to purchase an extra gift for a local deprived child.

The Colchester Food Bank will invite the families that use their services to nominate their children to receive a gift via the appeal.  The requests for presents will then be put on to gift tags and hung on a Christmas tree in the Santa’s Post office here in Culver Square shopping centre.

Rev Andrew Fordyce MBE, Chair of Colchester Foodbank charity said “The Foodbank have provided meals to feed about 6,500 children over the last year.  Colchester Foodbank needs the donations because there are a lot of people out there worse off, especially at this time of year. At Christmas time we predict over 850 children will use the Colchester Foodbank.”

“We are particularly delighted that the Colchester Giving Tree appeal is asking for donations of Christmas presents to help kids in crisis this year, with Culver Square shopping centre and Colchester Business Improvement District collecting the Christmas presents in partnership with the Foodbank, together we will help local children to have a better Christmas. We seem to be getting back to what St Nicholas was all about, giving gifts to children who need it most.” He continued.

Dave Robertson, Centre Manager, said “We were shocked to hear that the team at Colchester Food Bank are expecting to have over 800 children using their services in December.  It is extremely sad to think so many local families are struggling to provide food for their children and may not be able to buy them Christmas presents, which is why we have set up The Giving Tree Appeal.”

“After an especially difficult year local children need our help more than ever, so please donate a gift for a local child and put a smile on their face this Christmas.”  he continued.

So, how does it work?

  1. Head to the Giving Tree in the unit next door to The Fragrance Shop in Culver Square shopping centre.
  2. Choose a gift tag from the tree which will tell you the child’s name, age and their 3 favourite things.
  3. Have fun selecting an appropriate gift from the wide selection of stores in Colchester for the child you have selected.
  4. Deposit the unwrapped gift, with the original tag attached to it, into the donation box at the Giving Tree.
  5. Enjoy the warm feeling from making a child’s Christmas special!

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to go shopping for a present you can make a financial donation by scanning the QR code in the unit, or via this website and we will purchase an appropriate gift on your behalf.

The Giving Tree will be in the unit next door to The Fragrance Shop and will be open to the public from 28th November until 15th December.

“By donating a present via the Giving Tree Appeal you really will make a difference to a child’s Christmas, putting a smile on their face and taking a bit of pressure off their families too. We know how kind and generous the Colchester community can be so we are hopeful that this campaign will mean that no child in Colchester will have to go without a present.” said Sam Good, Business Improvement District Manager.

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