Fashion — Cute Koalas!


It goes without saying that in recent weeks koalas have truly captured the hearts of the World, and ours is no exception ♥️ That’s why we were delighted to see the new Koala Collection by Jojo Maman Bébé! 


Impossibly cute, the collection is both practical and fun to wear. Featuring leggings, slipper socks, toys and more, it is perfectly designed to keep your little ones safe, warm and looking oh so sweet.


What’s more, Jojo Maman Bébé have even put together 10 cool facts about koalas, that we just had to share:

  1. Koalas are native to Australia,  dating back to as long as 20 million years ago!
  2. Some people say that Koalas are related to bears. That’s not true – they are actually related to wombats and kangaroos.
  3. Just lie kangaroos, koala babies are called ‘joeys’. They too will stay in their mother’s pouch, only to climb out and ride on her back after six months.
  4. They have strong, cushioned bottoms to support and keep them comfortable while sitting in rough nooks in the trees as they snack on leaves.
  5. Koalas only eat one thing: eucalyptus leaves! They’re so fussy that they’ll only eat from less than 50 species of the plant, out of the 700+ that exist.
  6. They eat A LOT! They eat up to 1kg of leaves in a day!
  7. In the Australian Aboriginal language, the word ‘Koala’ means ‘no drink’. However, koalas do need to drink, particularly during heat waves or droughts.
  8. They are super lazy, sleeping up to 18 hours a day! They need to snooze to conserve their energy,  since their diet is so low in nutrients.
  9. When the weather gets hot, hot, hot, koalas will often press their body up against a tree trunk, which helps to cool them off.
  10. Koalas live in trees and will choose their ‘home trees’. The area where these trees are found is called the koala’s ‘home range’. The range will overlap with other koalas’ ranges, but they don’t usually visit each other’s home trees unless they are breeding.

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