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This is great advice from the Mental Health Foundation on how to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Mental Health Tips

How we can manage our mental health and wellbeing

While Working

Tips for employers and employees to look after their mental health

Look after your mental health and wellbeing when staying at home

Tips for looking after yourself when staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak

Living with the pandemic if you already have mental health problems

The COVID-19 epidemic may be especially challenging for those of us with mental health problems – wherever we are on that journey.

Parenting during the Coronavirus outbreak

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on family relationships.

Loneliness during Coronavirus

One of the feelings millions of us are experiencing during the current Coronavirus pandemic is loneliness.

Nurturing our relationships during the Coronavirus pandemic

Tips on looking after your relationships during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Finance, housing and unemployment worries

Help available during this time.

Talking to your children about the Coronavirus pandemic

Read about speaking to your children about the Coronavirus outbreak.

Mental health advice for older people during the Coronavirus outbreak

Learn how to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak if you are over 55.

Staying at home and abusive relationships

Looking after yourself while in an abusive home environment during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Beyond panic buying

Why do we panic buy? What are the alternatives?

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