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At the start of lockdown a group of staff from The Stanway School got together under the direction of Melissa Newman to re-establish the Secret Sewing Club.

They made 250 scrub bags and 180 headbands initially and when the need for these waned they had so much fabric left they decided to make a few masks.   One of the Secret Sewing Club. Katie Henderston,  found a group on Facebook set up by Naomi Betts in Wiltshire called Community Mask Trees where the public hang masks on trees and raise money for charity.

This idea was the seed, that grew the tree!

The Secret Sewing Club started a Colchester ‘branch’  of the Community Mask Tree raising money for the local food bank and women’s refuge.

10 days after making the first mask they have made nearly 700 masks and raised about £2,000!  They have an army of sewers on board and about 25 ‘trees’ blooming in Colchester.

We saw the fantastic work that these ladies had done and thought it was such an inspiring story, using their skills and lockdown time for such a good cause, that we wanted to help this worthy cause.

On Saturday 20th June we are ‘planting’ our own pop-up Community Mask Tree (well a version of a tree anyway!) in the Square so that you can come along and get your mask too.

The masks are being given out with a suggested donation of £2 which is shared between the local food bank and women’s refuge, so show your support and get yours on Saturday 20th June.




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