6 Bag Styles with Superdry

Fashion — 6 Bag Styles with Superdry


You can never have enough bags, right? They’re an everyday necessity and they’ve got to match your outfit. If you’re looking for a little treat, Superdry have pulled together a round up of the latest bag styles you’re gonna love this season.

The hottest new bag styles you’ll love

1. The good for everything tote bag

Bayshore Tote Bag image
Cross Stitch Elaina Tote Bag










Not just for the beach, canvas tote bags are ideal for those everyday outfits too. Deck yourself out in bold colours and bright prints for style that gets you noticed. We’re loving canvas bag styles featuring rope handles and plenty of room for everything – from your laptop to your makeup bag.

When to use a tote bag?

You’ll be picking up this bag for trips to the beach, town centre shopping and overnight stays with your girls at the weekend.

What to look for in a tote bag

Look for a bold, floral or aztec print styles and switch out the contents for whatever you’ve got planned each day. You also need to find a size that suits you. If you’re a serial overpacker, a larger tote will do the job. Think about material too. A canvas tote bag might not be great if it’s looking wet out – while an oil skin or plastic one will last all day.

2. The hands free bum bag

Bum bags aren’t reserved for older gents on holiday anymore. This bag style has had a major revamp, so get ready to rock comfy to wear glitter styles that keep your hands free all day. Bum bags not only look great but they keep your stuff safe too – ideal if you’re dancing in a crowd in the summer or heading out for the night.

Try something new and don’t just strap it around your waist. Instead, wear your bum bag across your body for a different take on the look and even easier access to all your stuff.

When to use a bum bag?

Bum bags are definitely the smart choice for festivals or gigs, when you don’t want to be held back by your accessories and are feeling the music. They’re also ideal for hiking, dog walking and days out with mates when you want your hands free.

What to look for in a bum bag

Plenty of compartments and a strong design – you want your bag to look good considering it’s going to be centre stage of your outfit. Compartments to safely store bank cards, portable chargers and keys are a must – let’s face it, your phone’s gonna be in your hand.

3. The everyday over shoulder bag  

Premium Suede Shoulder Bag
Messenger Alumni Bag

Wear this slung over the shoulder for an easy style win. It’s the perfect style for college or uni. Opt for a suede material in a colour that goes with everything or pick up a classic alumni bag that looks the business. You can wear this bag across the body too – great if it’s stuffed with your laptop, books and snacks to spread out the weight. Logos and print are big news this season. Look for a bag featuring a prominent, oversized logo design or allover print to tap into this trend.

When to use an over shoulder bag

An over shoulder bag is ideal for everyday requirements when you need something good looking but strong enough to carry everything for your plans. Use it for school, college or uni or just when out and about.

What to look for in an over shoulder bag

You’ll need a strong strap to take the load. A zip fastening is a good call to keep everything safe and secure. Inside pockets are ideal for storing smaller items.

4. The trusty rucksack

Utility Backpack with badges

Beau Ditsy Montana Rucksack

It’s hard to go wrong with a rucksack. This bag style is good for everything from trekking across Europe to packing everything you need for a festival weekend. You can have a little fun with a rucksack when it comes to print and size. Grab a bold print to dress up everyday looks – patch designs and tattoo inspired prints are the vibe right now.

When to use a rucksack

Rucksacks are good for everything – from festival weekends to packing everything you need for college. Dress yours up with patches and pins to create a personalised look.

What to look for in a rucksack

Strong straps, plenty of pockets and a great design are the key elements of this bag style. You should be able to throw it on and go with no fuss.

5. The lightweight sports bag

Drawstring Sports Bag
Drawstring Sports Bag Black

These bag styles were definitely popular in secondary school and have made a comeback. The drawstring sports bag has had a revamp and is good for everything from weekend shopping to overnight, city break stays. These lightweight bags look good and keep everything secure, using a drawstring at the top to close.

When to use a lightweight sports bag

These bag styles are great for carrying your shopping or packing a light gym kit for when you want to smash a workout after work. Wear it like a rucksack and enjoy being handsfree while having everything with you.

What to look for in a lightweight sports bag

Check for a thicker material that’s gonna withstand the weight you put in it and if you can find a design with inside pockets you’re onto a winner. A bold logo or print is also a good call – these styles are small but made to be noticed.

6. The gym barrel bag

Fitness Barrel Bag
Super Sport Barrel Bag

Gym holdalls aren’t just for that workout sesh. These large, sturdy bag styles are also ideal for everything from weekend stays at baes to packing what you need for a day out. A longer strap means your shoulders can take heavy loads and a wider design lets you cram in everything you need.

When to use a gym barrel bag

These bag styles are perfect for lightweight luggage. They’re foldable design means you can squeeze them into an overhead compartment or chuck them in the boot ready for an impromptu stayover with your mates. They’re also great for packing your kit for a morning gym session – you can take everything from your trainers to a towel and change of clothes for after.

What to look for in a gym barrel bag

We’re loving gym bags with strong prints and bright colours – you’ll definitely spot it on a luggage rack or at the side of the sports hall. Strong zips are another good feature and inside pockets mean you can keep valuables safe and secure.

Update your bag collection with six bag styles from Superdry.

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